Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Haircut

Polina's Aunt Emmy is a hair stylist so naturally that is where we went for our first haircut.





What an fabulous weekend!

What a great weekend.  We are huge Jayhawk basketball fans so my dad and Aunt Charlyne came over friday night to watch the game.  Polina loves when the Jayhawks play because we always make popcorn!  The Hawks played terrible but were able to pull out a win!  My husband - Joe is on a BBQ team so Saturday was spent smoking meat.  Polina had a blast playing with all the kids in the neighborhood while the men worked. We have a great network of friends in our neighborhood and I love watching Polina relish in these relationships!  My neighbor "Eelah" (as Polina calls her) is like another aunt to Polina and I love how the men in the neighborhood are so intrigued by her and go out of their way to connect with her.  :)  And lets not forget my neighbor Jen which keeps Polina in the most recent fashions compliments of her little girl Maggie (thanks for being so little Maggie!!)  Sorry, back to the weekend....So my sister was here for the weekend and as I wrote in this post Sisters there is nothing like having my sister around.  We just have a special bond.  When she's here I feel so relaxed because she's so helpful and she makes me laugh.  So we spent the weekend watching basket ball, BBQing, shopping, and just catching up!  It was wonderful!  And the Jayhawks beat North Carolina - AGAIN!!

"But mom the suns in my eyes."

This is Maggie and Polina (Polina has a mouth full of candy).  :)

Polina with Aunt Charlyne (Polina is having a good time partaking in the Easter candy at the Skyes home!)

What do you mean no more candy???

Friday, March 2, 2012