Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Updated family photos.

By today's standards 4 kids is a large family.  I never dreamt I would have 4 kids.  When I found out I was pregnant I was not excited.  I had everything planned out and life was starting to get easier.  Having 4 kids is very difficult.  Everything from managing their schedules, homework, playdates, laundry, and feeding them.  I feel like my task list never ends.  With that being said, they are so sweet and so funny.  They make everyday have meaning.  Julianna is a pistol and she is constantly telling everyone what to do.  Polina is a sweet little girl that always wants kisses and to say I love you.  Don't let her fool you though, she would stab you in the back for a piece of candy!  LOL Jaxon is funny, smart, loving and has a way about him that is just peaceful.  Brett is turning into a teenager and can be a little self involved, but I love his competitive nature, his ability to make friends and be comfortable with who he is at such a tough age.  He's funny and you can't ask for a more sincere kid.  All of my kids bring me immense joy and I wouldn't trade one of them.  They are worth all the work that comes with this big family.