Monday, April 20, 2015

Essential Oils - Do they work?

So it seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking about essential oils.  Do they really work?  Who knows.  I decided it was worth a shot so I will be testing them myself.  I bought the introductory package of oils.  Here is a list of things that I'm hoping essential oils will help with.

1.  My dad has had sleep apnea for years.  It has gotten to the point where he can hardly sleep at night.  Every time I see him he looks exhausted.  I read an article where a lady swore by one of these essential oils.  So I bought the kit and he is now defussing while he sleeps.  I will let you know what he thinks.

2.  My dog has severe allergies.  Nothing outside of a cortisone shot gives her any relief.  Unfortunately the shot only helps for about 2 weeks and then she is back at the scratching.  She scratches to the point of having bloody sores on her body.  I read another post where a lady swore EO for the olny thing that helped her dog.  I will let you know how it goes.

3.  I have sun spots on my face that I use a high dollar skin care line to control.  I read again that EOs can fade sun spots too.  We will see.

I actually really hope this works but I am skeptical.

Here are my "spots".

And a photo of the kids just for fun!