Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh yeah...this is why I love staying home with my children.

Today I feel happy and at peace.  I think since coming home with Polina I have focused so much on attaching and sticking to a schedule that we don't often leave the house.  Well today we dropped the boys off at school, ate breakfast and then went for a walk.  What, its only 9:30am???  It was starting to sprinkle so I put her in the car and headed to Parkside Coffee House which has 2 play areas for kids.  One is a  gym with scooters and balls and the other area has some "Step2" stuff for toddlers to climb on.  She loved both of these.  Parkside also has outside seating that over looks a beautiful pond/park.  Unfortunately the city has it all torn up for improvements right now but it gave me the itch to go play outside since it still wasn't raining.  So I took Polina to what we refer to as "The Train Park".  We call it that because a train goes by about every 5-10 minutes.  It was great!!!  We had fun on the toys and saw 5 trains while we were there.  Then we headed to Barbra's Bakery and had bacon and cheese Kolaches for lunch..yum!!!  I've always been happier staying home when I have activities to do in the morning.  Today was wonderful for both of us. 



  1. Oh man, both parks you described are our favorites! We LOVE the park by the church because the pond is being torn up and we can get a front row view of big diggers and such. We love the train park, well for obvious reasons. We should play together sometime!

  2. See I told you stop trying so hard and just be the great mom you've always been to the boys and life will be so much easier. She knows who you are and she now knows "even when you leave you will return" and she will be fine till you get there. I really enjoyed our time together the other night when I stayed with her. (But I do know why we have baby's when we're young, I was really tired). Love you all!