Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching up.

This summer has been nothing short of wonderful!  I decided not to sign the kids up for any camps this year and just have an old fashion lazy summer.  We sleep in almost everyday until 8:30 or 9:00.  I sit around in my pjs and drink coffee.  Around 10am we get going for the day and have lots of fun.  We've gone to Lego Land and Sea Life, had friends over, swam, played baseball, rode bikes, went to some garage sales and spent the night at the Great Wolf Lodge.

I dressed the kids in coordinating clothes today to go to Sea Life...Mostly because I bought the clothes for photos and then never used them.  So on the way home we stopped to take some pictures at a fountain on the Plaza. The kids were hot, tired, and hungry by the time we got there.  Needless to say, it did not go well but here are the best of the bunch.

 Jax and Polina have been working hard on swim lessons.  Jax had a lot of fear to overcome and Polina just sucked her thumb her first 2 lessons.  Look how far they have come.

We've played a lot of baseball this summer too.  Every game Polina gets a little more adventours.  Last week she discovered the sand box which had the wet sand in it from the rain we had the night before.  We had to strip her down to her diaper to get her home.  

"Seriously Mom, what's the big deal?"

I had the kids picture taken.  This one was almost perfect!  LOL

This past month Polina's speech has really taken off.  She cracks me up!  She hears the boys say "can I..." all day long and she has picked up on that.  Now Polina says "Can I over and over again.  Occasionally she'll come up with something.  Last Friday she said "Can I go Mama's (Grandma) house?"  But my favorite sentence was last Monday.  We were sitting at a restaurant and she said "I cheeseburger me" the girl would like to order her own food!  LOL

Before I go, I can't leave out the photos of our trip to Party City to buy balloons for Grandma's birthday.


  1. Wow, impressive! Where are you doing lessons at? We do Shawnee Parks and Rec. Love them. Dasha is like a fish in the water!

  2. P is so adorable! These are fun pics! I just love when kids get to the point that they want to order their own food. Stay cool and enjoy the 4th!

  3. Those are some fun and cute pics!

  4. I simultaneously hate and love reading your posts! I am so in love with your family and so happy you are ecstatic with your little ones! I am also insanely jealous I'm not joining you in those morning coffees and playdates...I think of you guys often and miss you daily!

  5. Haha! I love Jaxon's sweet jumps. They remind me of doing can-openers with Patrick when we were little. I also cracked up laughing at the picture of Polina with the dirty butt. She definitely has two brothers.