Monday, April 29, 2013

My Favorite App!

I found an app that I just love and thought other mothers out there could use it too.  We all need to teach our kids about the value of money.  For my kids though, it seemed like they either lost the money or never had it with them when they wanted something.  So I found this app called "KidsBank" that makes me their bank.

How it works:
When the kids get money from Birthdays or tooth fairies, they can give the money to me and I add it to their bank account.  In addition to that I set up a list of chores and how much each chore pays.  When the chore is complete I credit their account.

Things I like about it:

  • They always have their money with them.  
  • I no longer decided what they can have and not have.  They decide if they want to spend the money on that item.
  • The app allows you to determine the percentage that your kids have to save and how much they have to give to charity.
  • I will allow me to print an account statement that shows them where they spent/earned their money.
If you have a smart phone, check it out.

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