Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I got something for Christmas that wasn't on my list!

In October of 2009 I started researching adoption.  I read, watched videos, requested info from several agencies, and made several phone calls.  I had a burning desire in my heart to adopt from Russia.   For many reasons my husband did not share my passion.  So in the Spring of 2010, as a compromise, we went to a fertility clinic to see if everything was still working.  At the time I was 38 so they recommended that we use some fertility drugs to boost our chances.  We never used the drugs but we did try to conceive on our own until December of 2010 when something changed my husband's heart and we decided to pursue our adoption plan.  We quit "trying" and put all of our focus on the adoption.  By December of 2011 we were home with our daughter.  Our family was complete...or so we thought.  Last December I noticed all the typical signs of starting but I never started.  So about a week later I thought I would take a test just to put my mind at ease.  Holy cow! It was positive!  How could this be?  I'm 42 for gods sakes!  I found out on Christmas Eve.  I was so stressed out I couldn't function.  I was one year way from having some freedom during the day.  We only have 5 chairs for our kitchen table.  We are out of bedrooms in our house!  So many things were going through my head.  I'm 14 weeks now and have had time to let this sink in.  I'm starting to get excited.  The baby is genetically healthy.  I'm exhausted and have horrible morning sickness.

Polina is doing well.  She has been enjoying square dancing with my parents.  She goes to gymnastics once a week.  She has preschool Monday-Thursday and most the time enjoys it.  She loves to play and rough house with her brothers and dad.  She also loves to scribble on paper, often asking what you would like from her kitchen.  Over the past several months Polina has been doing a lot of rocking, thumb sucking, and humming.  I don't know for sure why it has increase.  I finally took her for an OT evaluation today so we hopefully will know more next week.  Tomorrow Polina is scheduled for eye surgery.  She has strabismus and we have been patching for over a year so we are hoping this will help.

We'll I better get to sleep.


  1. Congratulations! OMGooooosh!!!! That's crazy and exciting all at the same time! We had an increase in some of Sof's frustrating behaviors this fall. She was sneaking food and taking her sisters' things and hiding them. We did a behavior chart at home and its helping, but I never connected a reason for the increase.

  2. Oh my goodness...Congratulations! What a surprise! I'm so happy for all of you and thrilled that you blogged about it!

  3. Big Congrats! 42 is still young! I think you can certainly handle more kids!

  4. Well that's fantastic, just reading your blog now. Hey 42 is young still! How are you feeling these days?

    1. Extremely tired and very crabby! 42 is still young unless your pregnant! I'm like a dinosaur at the OB. Lol