Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2

So today I was clearly thirsty at breakfast because I filled my plate full of fruit and had 4 glasses of water.  I also had an omlette but this time I could understand the lady enough to be able to order cheese and peppers in it vs adding my own cheese later.  There are a lot more people at breakfast this morning.  Mostly business men.  The hotel offers mimosas every morning for breakfast on the Buffett.

We saw Polina this morning and had a great visit. We played with toys and read books. Then we went to the mall and hung out. The mall had a burger king, KFC, Pizza Hut and some other American restrarauts. The thing that I found interesting is that they sell beer at the Burger King kind of like we do at a NFL game. Joe has learned to communicate that he would like a "vanilla latte" to people which has made the trip nice...lol

We returned to the baby house for second visit and it was wonderful. Our little miss is sick with a cold and congestion so she just wanted to lay her head on my chest and be padded. I turned her around so she was looking at Joe and after about 15 minutes I took her and sat her on joes lap. She didn't cry. She just layed her head against his chest. We took some photos and showed her herself on camera then we got out our photo book and showed her pictures of the boys and mama and dada. She pointed to us with her finger. She really studied the boys photo. Then we got out some bubbles and her eyes just lit up! She walked over and popped some of them. Shorty after that the caretaker came to take her away. We gave her hugs and kisses and told her "paka paka". She waved to us and away she went. We are both in love. She is a very precious little girl.
Below is a picture of the dog house for the resident "watch dog" on the baby home property.  

I miss my boys terribly and can't wait to see them on Friday! As for pictures, you'll have to wait since I don't have a connection for my ad card.

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  1. how sweet she just wanted to lay on you. sounds like things are all good. can't wait to hear more.