Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 3

This trip has been so fun and interesting. The people here in St Petersburg have all been nothing but a pleasure. Many of them can speak English and will try very hard to understand you. They never seem frustrated they just smile and try to understand. During our stay here several things have been most interesting.
1. The traffic is amazing, these people can somehow drive 3 wide on a stet with only 2 lanes. We take a different route to the baby home every time because our driver is trying to avoid a jam.

2. There are lots of baby buggies. Not stollers but actual buggies and you are just as likely to see a man pushing it as a woman. These buggies have to cost $500 - $1000!

3. About every other woman/girl you see is wearing heels. Not just heels but stilettos. This explains the drinking because I have to have a few drinks to tolerate heels like that too!  Hard to photograph these w/o being too obvious.

4. I have been referring to this city as the "city of love". Joe says it's "the city of sex"! Every where you look you see couples walking with their arms around each other and holding one another. Occasionally you will even see them sitting on laps. But I say the city of love because we have seen tons of people caring fresh flowers that they just bought for someone.

This morning we had another visit with our little girl. Then we met with the Baby Home director and got to ask questions about her care. To this point she has been very calm but shell smile, laugh and play with us but when the doctor came in she just turned it on. She was running around and throwing balls and laughing. The doctor said she had never seen P like that before. It was wonderful to see her so happy and excited. Shortly after, they came to get her for lunch and a nap and Joe and I went over to the local mall to waste some time before our next visit. We ate at Pizza Hut. We ordered some lattes...yes from Pizza Hut! Then later had some pizza. When I got the bill I noticed that the tax was like 28%. At least that's what it appeared to be, hard to tell when you can't read. After that we went and bought a couple of souvenirs for the boys and a little coat for P. We took it back and tried it on and it fit perfect. She was a delight as always...we took tons of video and pictures. I've been looking through them and just smiling. We are both in love and can't wait to get her home! I will post pictures later but I have no way to get them off my camera right now.

This evening was a perfect night to walk around. We walked to a lovely McDonalds for dinner (we can only afford so many $15 salads)! After dinner we went to a souvenir shop to look around. We bought P a doll that reminded us of our visit. Each doll had a different emotion and it made me think of all of the different emotions she has shown us during these visits. The dolls sell anywhere from $15 to $1000 so we are going to price around and hopefully get a couple of more before we leave.

Well that's all for now... We will see P 2 more times tomorrow and then sign the papers hat indicate we want her to be a part of our family.



  1. Sounds like a great day.

  2. Crystal be sure and ask about some of the words they use to sooth her when she cries and learn those words for when she gets home. Also maybe some pictures of people she is used to seeing there or has come to love so she doesn't miss them so much when she gets home maybe even movie film. Don't forget to leave pictures of you, Joe and the boys so she remembers over the next few months. Love MOM

  3. wonderful news. I would of loved to see St. Pete at this time of the year. What is the weather like? Which baby home are you at?

  4. The weather has been wonderful. Light rain off and on and temps in the upper 60s. We were at baby home four. We took tons of pictures and video. We even got a picture with her care taker. We left a small picture album with photos of us and the dog. Before we left she could say " dada" and point to Joes picture. We could tell after our visit today that she is a fireball. More later.