Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 4

So today we left to visit P at 9am. We got to the baby home about 10. We put the protective plastic wear on our feet and went in. Our visit with P today was a bit different than it has been. She is no longer nervous or apprehensive when she sees us. She came right in and within a few minutes she was ruling the place. She was very opinionated about what she wanted to do and what she didn't want to do. She is very independent and we will have to work hard to change that. We will have to teach her to depend on us and count on us in order to attach. After our visit we went to have our medicals done. From there we went to officially sign the papers indicating that we want to be her parents. After that we went to lunch with our translator Galina. She was wonderful. She talked openly and honestly about life in the Soviet Union days. She explained the ways in which the Russian people are better off now and the ways in which they are not. She spoke of the troubles they have today with money and healthcare. I really enjoyed listening to her it was so interesting. After lunch we went back to the baby home for our final visit. We found out when she learned to walk and when she stood for the first time. We played with her for about an hour. She colored, stacked cups, danced, and played ball. Then her care taker came to get her. We gave her the blanket we had made for her and her picture album. We took some pictures of her with us and with the caregivers. We gave her kisses and then off she went. I turned to Joe and broke down. It was so very hard to leave her today. Joe and I both cried all the way to the car. Gilina felt so sad for us. Her and our driver Boris took us to a souvenir shop to buy a few more things for our family. We got out of the car and had to ring a door bell to enter the shop. While we were in there they offered us shots of vodka or "sweet wine" which btw isn't's sweet hard liquor. We quite enjoyed the novelty of this. we purchased a few items and then headed for the hotel. It was quite the day. We are headed home tomorrow morning. I can't wait to get home and hug my boys. I miss them terribly.


  1. Ooh you Got me all teary eyed. It must be so hard to leave her. Not looking forward to that. You'll be back soon and I personally can't wait for your gotcha day when we can see pictures of that precious face you fell in love with! Pray you have a safe travel home! Melissa

  2. A few things: First, you made me tear up reading this bc it brings back that fresh wound of the feeling we had leaving Crosby. I think about every once in awhile now and it makes me appreciate having him home so much now. It's so difficult to say that good-bye when you're falling in love with a little one.

    How old is your daughter if you don't mind me asking? It's sounds like she is doing great developmentally. :)

    I think you're very lucky to have the boys at home. I will tell you that the wait between trips was by far the most difficult for us. The first few weeks go quickly, but then it began to drag and it was so hard. My best advice is hug on those sweet boys and enjoy the time as a family of four. Do fun things you won't be able to do once the baby is home. :)

    Safe travels! Thanks for sharing!

  3. "She is very independent and we will have to work hard to change that". What?
    She sounds like the boys so she should get along just fine. Maybe even hold her own. As long as she lets you hold her and she gives you love you will be just fine. Every one of my kids are independent and look how great they are! I miss you!!!! MOM*

  4. I hope you have a good flight home and I hope you will be home this weekend so that I can come see the pics and videos!

  5. Oh that made me cry. I know it has to be so difficult to leave your girl. It sounds like your visits were better every day as she showed you more of her personality. Now just hoping for a quick court date!

  6. Hi! I saw your post on my blog -- so I wandered over for a visit. St. Pete's! Yea! Which baby home is P at?? Alex was in #6 on Vasilivesky (which I always misspell) Island. I kept meaning to stay at the Ren, but it was booked on my first trip and then I figured out that the Courtyard on V Island was about 1 mile from his baby home, so I stayed there on trip 2 & 3.

    Thanks for your note -- can't wait to follow your journey more.