Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home 1 month.

Man that went by quick! I'm not sure how to structure this post so it might just be random.

I'll start with my biggest issue - FOOD!  Polina was a picky eater from the day we picked her up and we have spent the last 6 weeks trying to figure out what the problem is.  We have tried to feed her all of the things the orphanage told us that she ate but her lips were sealed.  She only wanted carbohydrates.  When we were in Russia she ate bananas and apples but within a few days of being home those were out too.  I finally broke down and took her to the doctor to ask for help and he gave me NOTHING!  So I started researching blogs and in my reading what hit me was when another adoptive mom started talking about her child taking control.  A light bulb went off and I thought the food issues might just be about control.  I can understand wanting to control something in your world but food was not going to work.  So that night at dinner, I chopped up her chicken and once again she refused her dinner holding out for the carbs.  She went to bed that night without dinner which didn't seem to bother her.  The next morning we went to battle again.  I told her if she wanted her cereal bar, she had to take a bite of the banana.  She refused and when she threw her fit, I put her in the pack and play next to me an drank my coffee.  She had a fit and then we tried again.  This went on for about an hour then I gave her a bath and brought her back to her high chair...guess what, she ate the banana.  The later that day she was eating steamed carrots, apples, hamburger.  It was amazing. She's still not a big eater but at least she is opening up.

Attachment...she is doing awesome!  The boys love her and she just acts like she has always been here.  Today I took her to the car wash with me an sat her on my lap while we went through.  I probably wouldn't have done this but the boys really wanted to go through the car wash before they took the Christmas lights down and I just didn't know how many more days they would have them up. So I caved....With the suds hitting the window, Polina was looking up at me to see if she was going to be okay.  It was awesome to see that sign of attachment.  She still cries when I leave but seems okay with leaving me (her and daddy went to Target the other day).

The girl loves shoes!  She walks around the house all the time making the sign for shoes.  I think its because she loves to go outside so much.  But I have to tell you when the wind chill is 12 degrees I'm not taking her out!  Gymboree had a sale the other day....need I say more??  Well some cute little pink shoes came in the mail today and she insisted on putting them on.  When I say insisted I mean she threw herself down on the floor and sobbed...not because I said no but because I wasn't doing it fast enough.

Polina's brothers are awesome with her.  I can remember telling the judge that Jaxon might struggle to adjust since he's been the baby for so long, but I seriously can not believe what a awesome brother he has become.  He plays with her and watches out for her, he will even get her out of the crib when she wakes from her nap.

She still prefers me over dad but she'll let daddy put her to bed.  We are so enjoying our little bundle of joy.  I smile everyday.  I'm just so glad that we had the courage to take that leap of faith.  This has been the most amazing journey for our family.  :)


  1. Love the picture by the Christmas tree! So cute.

  2. That Christmas outfit is to die for!! LOVE it!!! :)

    Crosby loves shoes, too, and going outside. I always have thought it's bc they weren't able to enjoy playing outside in Russia.