Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home 8 weeks

Polina has been home almost 8 weeks now.  She is 2 1/4  years old.  We had her hearing and speech tested at Children's Mercy last week and her ears looked good and she could hear fine. After the hearing test she was evaluated by the speech specialist.  Polina did great.  She tested within "normal" range for both spoken and receptive language.  The doctor was really impressed with how many words she knew.  I guessed about 50 words.  She knows the signs for about 25 of those words.  Here she is at her evaluation.

I've decided that some activities would be good so we have tried out some classes around town.  We gave Kindermusik a try, swim lessons, and dance class.  We have decided to stick with Kindermusik and swimming.  We chose Kindermusik because it seemed to be an attachment friendly activity vs. dancing where I had to sit behind a closed door (probably not the best idea for now). We chose swimming because Polina loves the water and her brother takes lessons at the same time.  Plus the pool will be a lot more fun this summer if we get started now.

Attachment:  I can't really say where we are with attachment but I can say we are making progress.  Polina has never had a problem making eye contact and she has always let me rock her to sleep.  With that said, Polina knows that I'm her main caregiver and she seeks me out in a crowd.  She comes to me when she's hurt or wants something.  She snuggles in when I carry her.  She trust me and we have a great time together.  During the week it is just her and I until about 2:30pm on most days. With all that being said she has definitely attached most closely with the dog.  Poor brandy, that dog even has to ride in the stroller with Polina when we go for walks.  LOL


  1. We love Kindermusik. We had our oldest in until about 3 1/2 and our youngest is still in Kindermusik. It's great for attaching and something you can do at home as well. Love the update and glad to hear things are going well! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You must be relishing every moment she snuggles with you! And who WOULDN'T love DeeDee? I wish we could be there to help and watch this amazing young lady grow...we miss you guys!