Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend to remember...

So last Thursday Joe headed to Hoxie with Jaxon which left Brett and I with the house to ourselves. So Thursday evening Brett ask to eat dinner at Taco Bell which led to me waking up at 3am to a child throwing up all over my bedroom quilt. He appeared better in the morning so I went to spend the day with him at his school. These are the perks of staying home with your kids that are just priceless! After school we headed to Power Play where we scored a whopping 400 tickets. After that we headed back to the house for a nap and then out to see "Tooth Fairy" which we both loved! The next day we we made a trip to the post office then Brett had his first experience at a laundry mat. We played a little "Ms. Pac Man", watched some Olympics, got some junk from the vending machine and then our tour of laundry mat hell was over. Our next stop was Old Navy where we were in search of a Texas Longhorns shirt in Brett's size which we were lucky enough to find at the 3rd store we stopped at. The rest of the weekend we spent over at Mick's house and playing on the computer. I really cherished this time with Brett. It reminded me of times that him and I spent together before Jax was born. Such a wonderful mother son closeness. I just love him so much...his smile could brighten anyones day!

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