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The dreaded Home Study Autobiography.

I wish I could have found this on someones blog when I was doing my pre-adoption research...

An autobiography helps us to know you better as a person by reading about your life experiences. These questions need to be answered individually (no cutting and pasting)! Please follow the outline EXACTLY as the autobiography is integrated into your home study by our typist. The average length is 6-9 typed pages (please use at least a size 10 font). If your autobiography does not adequately address all of the questions, it will be returned for additional information or thoughts (which will delay your home study process).

Motivation for Adoption:

1. Describe why you have chosen to adopt at this time and when did your interest in adoption begin?

2. Describe why you think you and your spouse would be great adoptive parent(s).

3. What do you respect about your spouse's attitude about adoption?

4. What is your extended family and friends' attitude towards adoption?

Adoption Readiness:

1. What has been your experience with adoption?

2. What worries you about participating in an adoption?

3. Describe what you have done to prepare yourself for adoption and what do you plan to continue doing to educate yourself about adoption issues.

4. At this point, how knowledgeable do you feel about adoption issues adoptees face while growing up, such as: identity issues and/or grief and loss, etc.?

5. What are your plans for discussing adoption with your child?

Adoption Views (International only):

1. Why did you choose an international adoption and why did you choose this particular country?

2. What are your views towards helping your child deal with issues related to loss of birth family, feelings of abandonment and the orphanage experience?

3. What is your awareness of the issues your child may face by being adopted across racial/cultural line and what are your plans for embracing these differences within your family?

4. How do you think your extended family, friends, and community will embrace a child of another culture?

5. What is your understanding of international adoptions, potential risks and delays, and possible problems the child may have in adapting to their new environment?


1. What are your parent's names? Briefly describe your parents' personalities, their role within the family and their relationship with each other.

2. Describe your relationship with them growing up and now. If either is deceased, how old were they at the time of their death and what was the cause of death?

3. If your parents are divorced (or widowed) and have remarried, describe your parent's spouse and your relationship with them.

4. Describe your relationship with each of your siblings.

Growing Up:

1. Describe the family in which you grew up within. How were you disciplined? How was affection shown? Did you feel valued in your family?

2. What were your family values? What kind of activities did you do as a child? Did your family take yearly vacations, etc.? If there were any dysfunctions (exp. alcoholism, abuse, etc.), describe how you have coped with these issues.

3. Based on your family life experience, would you raise your children the way you were raised?

Major Life Events:

1. What major life changing experiences have you faced? How have these events shaped your life?

2. What major losses have your experienced in life and how have you dealt with these losses?

3. What situations in life cause you the most stress or frustration and how do you cope with these feelings?

4. Discuss any history of therapy, medical issues and/or history of drug or alcohol abuse.

5. Describe any involvement you have had with the law, even if it did not result in an arrest or a conviction (Note: the FBI checks show ALL arrests).

Education and Employment:

1. Describe your education experiences. Focus on high school and advanced educational training. Example: What subjects did you most and least enjoy? What were your average grades? What extracurricular activities were you involved in? What was your social life like?

2. Give a brief professional career history since your highest schooling.

3. Describe your current job title and duties. Do you enjoy your work? Do you plan on a career change?

Previous Marriage/Annulment or Significant Relationships·:

I. How long did you know your previous spouse before marriage and why did you get married?

2. What did each of you contribute towards the final termination of the marriage?

3. What did you learn about yourself from the relationship?

4. If this marriage produced children, describe the custody arrangements.

5. *If you were involved in a significant relationship that resulted in the birth of a child, please describe that relationship with regards to the above questions.

Present Marriage/Singles·:

1. Describe when and how you met your spouse. How long did you date before marriage? Give a brief summary of your courtship.

2. Describe your spouse's personality. What do you most admire and what would you like to change?

3. Describe how your spouse gives and receives affection?

4. Describe your roles within the marriage (traditional, unconventional, etc.). What are the strengths in your relationship?

5. Describe how decisions are made in your relationship and how do you handle differences in opinion?

6. How are the finances handled within your marriage?

7. *If you are single please address your singleness, your support system offamily and friends, the prospects of marriage in the future and how do you feel single parenthood will affect your child?

Impact of lnfertility: (If applicable)

1. How has your infertility affected your life?

2. Do you feel you have dealt with your infertility adequately, in order to embrace an adopted child?


1. Describe what experiences you have had caring for children (if you do not have children currently).

2. If you have children from this marriage or a previous relationship, describe their personality and your relationship with them. What grade are they in and what activities are they involved in? What are your children's feelings towards having a new sibling?

Child Care:

1. How long do you plan to take off from work?

2. What are your plans for childcare (if any)?


1. What expectations do you have for your child in life (behavior, school, career, relationships, goals, etc.)?

2. What do you think are the obligations of a parent to their child?


1. What do you feel is the purpose of discipline?

2. What forms of discipline have you used with a child or that you plan to use?

Life Activities Religion:

1. What life activities are you involved in? (e.g., leisure, hobbies, social and community activities, etc.)

2. What activities do you enjoy with your family (spouse/children)?

3. Do you practice a particular religious faith? If so, please describe your religious beliefs and activities?

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