Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Reluctant Spouse...

Joe and I started trying to conceive in May of 2010. After about 6 months with no success I decided that time was of the essence and we needed to see a fertility specialist. Joe agreed and we went in for all of the preliminary test. Everything came out fine except for the fact that I'm old. At 39 my chances of conceiving naturally each month are about 5% and about 10% if we pursued IUI with drugs. I asked Joe one night what we were going to do if this didn't work? He responded that we were going to adopt, we were adding on to our family. That was all it took to light my fire back up and I was researching adoption again with no care or concern for the fertility route. For me, my heart was in Russia all along but when you marry someone you have to respect their thoughts and feelings and having another baby was kind of our compromise. We could add on to the family without the financial burden and health risk involved in international adoption.

So with that being said, we were out one evening with a friend and he indicated that whenever him and his wife couldn't agree on something they did rock/paper/scissors. So I turned to Joe and said, I win we go to Russian, you win we don't. He agreed and lost 2/3! Guess we are going to Russia! Well the next morning I explained to him that R/P/S does not decide our life. He turned to me and said "we are going to Russia, we want to add to our family so lets go get our daughter!" Over the next 2 weeks I gave him several opportunities to get out of it but he never once reneged. We have an appointment set up with our home study agency on Saturday and we've set up a savings account to save the money. I feel an overwhelming since of peace right now. I truly have the greatest husband in the world. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I'll bet our little daughter ends up being a "daddy's girl"!

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