Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Biking in the House w/o a helmet!

So after listening to the Creating A Family radio show featuring Melissa Fay Green Conversation with Melissa Fay Greene: No Biking in the House, I just had to read her book.  Melissa is the mother of 4 biological children that decided to grow her family through international adoption.  What I loved about the book is that Melissa goes into how she felt going through the process.  She talks about the feeling of "OMG I have just destroyed my family" and the issues she had with Post Adoption Depression.  I liked hearing that these feelings are normal and that they will pass.  I also enjoyed the fact that Melissa went in to some of the difficulties with the children both biological and adopted.  I think this helps to paint the picture that kids will have challenges and they aren't the end of the world.  I think what makes the book an even more interesting read is the stories she tells of her time in Ethiopia and the relationships the boys have with their relatives.   I have really enjoyed this book.  I would recommend reading the book and then listening to her interview with Dawn @ Creating A Family. 


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  1. Your post reminded me that I have got to post my review of this book! (the publisher sent me a copy) I agree this is a fabulous book and I would highly recommend it too - will have to look into the Creating a Family radio show. I can only imagine how funny Melissa Fay Greene is to hear!