Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day after Gotcha Day

So today well.....hmmm...Joe left at 9am to go back to the passport office which left me with three kids in a hotel room. Needless to say it was rough. Polina did great but the boys were a little stir crazy and found enjoyment in irritating each other. We knew from the night before that Polina was not ready to leave the hotel so we just stayed in the room or played in the hall (we've had a lot of fun in the hall). After about 2 hours I was texting Joe, "where are you? HELP!!!". So he came back and got the boys and took them out and about. In their snow suits of course! I took Polina down to the resteraunt in the hotel where I ordered exactly what the baby home director said she ate and she wouldnt even entertain me with a bite of it. I ended up with green vegetable soup on my shirt..which btw I'm still wearing. We moved to the courtyard because it said they had washer and dryers but they dont. Oh,I can have a shirt washed for about $12. Yeah...No. all in all the day was long but we made it through and everyone is sleeping but me. Polina is timid of Joe again but I think that will pass soon. Joe said tonight "she's such a sweetheart I wish we could just fast forward a month" he is in love and so am I. I will say that I have feelings of sadness for my relationship with jaxon but I think that is normal when you add another child to the family. I'm so blessed to have a large family (by today's standards) it just feels good.

I thought it would be interesting to mention that Joe said him and the other adoptive dad had a beer while they were waiting at the passport office. I had to post this because how much nicer would the DMV be if you could have a drink while you are waiting!


  1. Any more pics? what do you mean by she was rocking?

  2. Just caught up on your posts, congrats! She is so beautiful, that hair is to die for! We had a very rough first couple days. Sofia was terrified of Mark! Literally she would freeze when he came in the room. It didn't get any better until probably a month later. She also wouldn't play with her sisters either. It's amazing how fast they adjust though! Sof was also terrified of leaving the hotel. The second day I decided she needed to get over that fast! Strapped her in the stroller and wheeled her out of the hotel screaming bloody murder! Once on the street she looked around and relaxed. We ended up doing a lot of sightseeing with her and she was great. So happy for you and your family! I'm excited to follow your journey home!