Sunday, November 20, 2011


It is now 10pm and oh what a day! Polina took her first bath today and it went great. We put just a bit of water and her stacking cups in there. She had a great time. We didnt try to wash her hair yet. I thought that could wait. We still have yet to buy any milk so we had breakfast at the hotel again. Polina finally lost it after breakfast today. She keeps trying every door on our floor hoping that one of the is the way home. I finally made her go back in our room and she just lost it. She tantrumed for about 25 minutes and finally passed out. It was so hard to not be able to help her but I've read enough to know that this is normal and I just sat next to her and patted her when I could. After nap we went to the play ground where we were promptly repermanded for not having the proper footwear on her. We did have our snowsuit and hat but no snow boots. It wasn't even cold! After that we ended up in an Irish pub that was super smokey and we didn't recognize much on the menu. We let Jaxon order for and he did a great job. We had to pay Brett 100 rubles to taste it but that was only because he was crabby (he was tired, but claims he wasn't). Tonight sleeping arrangements have been problematic. Polina insist on sleeping on the rollaway. Jax insist on sleeping with Polina. Brett doesnt want to sleep with Joe because he snores (again Brett is crabby) and I'm just laughing at this comedy act that is my life. Lol. As I write everyone is sleeping and I'm thinking back over the day. Polina still screams if I leave her alone with joe, she tantrumed and rocked really hard to get to sleep to night but all in all I think we made a lot of progress today.

So I have to mention that joe and Brett left to get groceries and came back with no food but they did have a huge pink bicycle with a canopy, streamers, backpack and basket. When Polina woke up she saw it and had to ride it. I think she thought it was her ticket out of here. So lucky me spent about 45 mins pushing her around the hall. :)

Time for bed..good night.


  1. So Deanna and I just got a good laugh. Not at your expense but we could envision this day as it played out! Hang in there you're doing great!

  2. Crystal, we are so excited for you! You have been so strong through this whole process, and the rewards are just going to keep getting sweeter! When the boys finally get home, you will have only 1 out of their comfort zone, as opposed to the whole can do it! I'm so glad the boys love Polina...but who wouldn't! We miss you guys and the kids ask about Brett and Jaxon daily...have fun!

  3. I think Polina is doing pretty good. Image if Brett or Jaxon was in the same place, for that matter I can't image me in with all new people and not being able to understand them or they me. Best of luck and know you have family waiting to help you when you get home. Love Mom*

    PS kiss the boys for me and tell them grammie loves them and I miss them!