Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today we got up and walked to the Hermatage. The place was amazing. We saw paintings from Van Gogh, DeVinci, Picasso, you name it. We saw some of the most amazing rooms from the palace. I was just in awh.

Then we were off to visit Princess P! When we got there Ludmella met us in the "green room" and she had a small gift for Polina. It was a little porciline angel with a post card of the Mary and baby Jesus. She wrote "From Ludmella, Be happy". The she held her heart smiled and said Polina's name. Then she left to go get Polina. I think she has true love for our little girl. When Polina fina came in she was initially a bit timid of Romney and she looked to me for comfort which was great. Then we just couldn't wait any longer to give her the birthday gift Romney had bought her. We showed her how to open a gift and she caught on well which should bode well for Christmas. She was very excited to see what was inside...her first doll!! Biddy Baby from American Girl!!! She was initially interested in the doll but then threw her on the floor and became extremely interested in the bottle. She loved that bottle!! She kept it in her hand most of the visit. We played bubbles, follow the leader, ball, and tried to read a book. About that time Princess P was comfortable enough to start ruling the room again. LOL She tried to get in the thing that holds the ball so I helped her in. Then soon she tried to get out and I held my hands out to she did not need my help. When I conveyed that I would only let her get out if I could help her she choose to go stare at the wall instead. This went on several times. Romney was laughing and said I was in for a whole new game of parenting with a daughter. She is so much fun to try to figure out.

After our visit we went to "Zoom" - loved it!!! Great food, fun comfortable place, prices were good, and they spoke English!!! After that we went back to the Hotel and a few drinks with Jamie in the lounge. So far my trip has been nothing short of wonderful. Here to more fun with my boys!!!!


  1. Wahoo! Can't wait to hear how things go when P meets the boys!!!

  2. When do you get to post pics of her?