Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday - another great day!

So Thursday we got up and went to Illy for breakfast. We manage to order eggs, toast, cucumbers and tomatoes for breakfast. We also had a few lattes and on. After breakfast we took a nap and then got ready to go to the baby home. The car ride is long with lots of exhaust which made Brett a bit sick. Our visit with Polina couldn't have gone better. The boys must have said her name 100 times. She had tons of fun playing with them. At the end go our visit we had Galina explain to Polina what was going to happen the next day and we gave Ludmella a gift we had made for the orphanage. I took one of the photos from our first visit, a picture of the 3 of us all smiling and had a Christmas ornament made to go on the Christmas treeat the baby home. When she opened the gift she was very touched and really loved it. She said she would make sure it went on the tree each year to remember her.

After we left, the boys were starving so we all went to McDonalds, including Galina and Alec. After that Alec dropped us off at the gift shop so we could pick up the Nebraska nesting doll for the McKernans. Brett loved my amber necklace and wanted one too so he picked out a really awesome one and of course that's what Jax wanted to because he loves to be like his big brother. Amber is actually mined out of the Baltic Sea which is why it's associated with Russia. Then we walked down Nevesky Prospect to the Lego store, the chocolate museum and on to the metro station. Galina went with us and helped us by the tickets for the Metro station nd showed us how to get back to our hotel. It was actually really east...I told her she was teaching us to fish. It was absolutely a great day!

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