Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So today I woke up at 1am, tossed and turned and finally decided to get up at 2am. About 3 a shower sounded nice about 4 we called and talked to the boys and about 6am I went back to bed. Finally woke up about 2pm. Knowing our visit with Polina was at 4 we kind of hung around until...the phone rang!!! Oh no, we were supposed to leave at 3! We threw on our clothes and ran out the door. The traffic was awful, go figure so we ended up 30 minutes late. But we got there all the same and everything was fine. They took Polina's passport today and showed it to us, it's crazy cute. We found out that Polina has a strong affection for clothes and shoes. And she finally said mama today!

When we got back to the hotel we ask the "Navigator" where we could go for dinner and she recommended a place across the street. We went across the street and through this archway and what was an old dark building on the outside turns into this amazing modern office building.

So we go to this restaurant that is crazy nice. We open the appetizer menu on the table and see that each item is about 8900 rubles ($300 approximately).

 We just laughed like how do we get ourselves out of here! But when we receive the actual menu it wasn't quite so bad. We had a couple of drinks and shared a couple of appetizers and dessert for about $150! :)

So then we came back to the hotel and sat at the hotel lounge had another drink and watched the local Russians. I have to I really like these Russian people that I have met. They are super polite and proper and they love to have a good time. Every restaurant we have eaten at has music playing and a dance floor. They like to drink shots and smoke cigars. And they all look amazing. As I sat at the our table looking at Joe, I realize that this is our last evening out together for a long time. But there is so much to look forward to.

Good night.

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  1. Hearing her say Mama-I'm sure that was music to your ears!!