Friday, November 25, 2011

Our last day in St Petersburg

So today was our last day in St Petersburg. I am feeling sentimental about leaving here. This is such an amazing city that I never dreamt in a million years that I would ever have a chance to see. It's the birth place of our daughter, it's where we met her for the first time and shared our first Thanksgiving as a family. This city is rich with history and culture. I have truely loved my time here.

I refused to eat another breakfast in our room so we ate together at the hotel. Polina is getting harder to eat with as she wants to test boundaries more and more everyday and a public place is not where I want to challenge her. So I feed her on my lap and then joe takes her back to the room while I eat. I took the boys for a walk today while Polina napped. We went to an awesome baby store/toy store. I swear if it was colder in Kansas all my kids would have new snow suits and boots. The selection was amazing!!! I let the boys pick out a couple of toys and we bought a DVD for Polina in Russian.
Tonight we went out for dinner to Stolle, it was wonderful. They serve something resembling a bierocks. Polina ate an entire one by herself! Then we walked down by the Metro station for coffe and dessert. Polina was not interested in this event and felt free to express her displeasure. So we took turns walking her around outside until we could get the bill paid and get out of there. We felt it was important to get her out a bit here and there since we will be leaving tomorrow and taking the train to Moscow. I have to say that I have been thankful for having this time in St Petersburg with her while we waited for her passport. I feel a lot more comfortable traveling with her now. We spent the rest of the night packing and playing in the hall with Chuck, Allison and little Sarah. Polina has learned so much in just the one week she has been with us. She knows that she can't get off the couch head first. She is mastering going up and down the stairs. And she can say "bye bye", "hi" and "Brett".

After the kids went to bed Joe and I called his parents to wish them Happy Thanksgiving. We ask how the dog was doing and Marge said she misses us terribly. So Joe ask his mom if she would put the dog on the phone which of course she did. Brandy got all excited when she heard our voices, so excited that Marge ask if she could put her back on the phone because she wanted to talk more! LOL. I told Joe, I can't believe I'm skypeing with the dog!

Well off to bed, tomorrow is a big day. We are taking the high speed train to Moscow.

See you all soon!

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