Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So with a little help from my best friend Google, joe and I are improving our parenting skills! We have had good moments and rough ones over the past few days. But over all things are going well.

Yesterday we got up and got around and took the kids to the playground, yes all bundled in their snow suits. After that we went out for some coffee at Illy. Spent the rest of the day doing homework and playing in the hall. At dinner I decided I had had enough of the snowsuit so I put Polinas cute little coat on her and strapped her into the baby bijourn zipped her inside my coat and walked to dinner. The Russians didn't know what to think! No snowsuit but yet could they argue that she was cold?? No! Lol. I was sweating I said, it's only like 32 and no wind. We went out looking for Stolle which we had heard so much about. We did not find it initially so we ate at a Lithuanian restaurant. I think Brett's head was about to pop off that we weren't going to eat at the "pie place". So I made a deal that if him and Jaxon each colored a great picture I would take them to Stolle for dessert...I hardly heard another word from either we ordered some interesting food including potatoe pancakes (which Brett did try and officially decided that he does not like) and a beer. We all enjoyed ourselves and liked the food. Afterwards we stopped at Stolle and got dessert. All and all a good day.

Today we had a slow start. We ate breakfast in the room and irritated the maid again by not having our room available when she came its always a disaster...what does she expect though when you have 5 people living in about 400 square ft w/o a kitchen or laundry facility. Around noon Joe took the boys to the Military museum and Polina and I hung out in the hall and then I laid her down for a nap. When the boys got home, we went out in the hall and visited with another adoptive family. This couple adopted a 2 1/2 year old little girl. Then we had dinner at the hotel. Joe is working hard to win Polina's love, she is warming up to him slowly. That's where our friend google is coming in handy....she likes that she can understand him. Then of course joe and technology, he had to take this app down to dinner and use it to talk to the waitress. Brett said he was embarrassed by Joe trying to speak Russian when the ladies knew he couldn't. I was cracking up! Our sweet baby girl is sleeping now. :)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will be meeting 2 other adoptive families at the Renaissance for a good ol American Thanksgiving. The hotel has even agreed to make turkey for all of us. Have a great holiday! I can't believe Im going to miss black Friday! That sucks! :(


  1. Loving your blog - and laughed at your husband using his app! I can imagine my husband will be doing the same thing when we finally get to go! Have a lovely thanks giving and keep posting.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Whitehall Street is empty. It is beautiful here today. Polina in adorable. Your pictures of St. Petersburg are great. Sheila